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Z Anto makes a comeback with ‘Mako-Stamina’

January 27, 2020 at 18:03
Z Anto makes a comeback with Stamina in 'Mako-Stamina'

Z Anto seems to have remembered his place in 2020 and makes a comeback with Mako-Stamina. The Tanzanian legend is talking to Stamina in his new piece of work.

Mako-Stamina is Z Anto’s piece of work after a long break from the music scene. To start with, it seems 2020 we will be hearing more of him.

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Actually, his last hit was in 2018 dubbed Mpaka Naogopa. His debut in 2020, Mako-Stamina has a great feel and the vibe he had back in the day is back.

In addition, Z Anto has it all when it comes to vocals and great writing skills. In most of is works, the star has had the best lyrics and easy lines to master.

Z Anto makes a comeback with Stamina in 'Mako-Stamina'

Mako-Stamina is a message to singer Stamina after failed marriage

Mako-Stamina has been produced by Mazuu Records and directed by Kajal.  In addition to the big names is a big brand behind it. Z Anto has done it so well and the way the audio has been produced is just lit. One thing to note is that the audio and video are in sync.

Also, the video is not too busy and thus ut easily communicates the message. He is talking to Stamina for the hard time he has been through. Also, he consoles him for being cheated on.

Z Anto makes a comeback with Stamina in 'Mako-Stamina'

According to Z Anto, marriage is like a cloth that needs a lot of patience. He further adds that it is not easy to maintain and he adds is sorry to his fellow bongo artiste, Stamina.

Also, the way he has delivered the message, it is clear that he has been hurt by what has been going on. Word has been going around on what broke the singer’s marriage and Z Anto’s singing just confirms how bad it is. It is clear that marriage is not a bed of roses.

Z Anto needs to hit back more as Mako- Stamina is already felt a few hours after it’s release. In conclusion, Mako- Stamina gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.





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