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Zari Hassan blocked us all on social media because of Tanasha Donna- Diamond Platinumz’ family

January 22, 2019 at 09:42
Zari Hassan blocked us all on social media because of Tanasha Donna- Diamond Platinumz' family

Diamond Platnumz ex-wife Zari Hassan wants nothing to do with his family after their break up especially, after Diamond went ahead a got another woman.

Diamond’s family members have all allegedly been blocked by Zari because she doesn’t want to see what they are saying about his new catch Tanasha Donna.

Speaking in an interview with Global Publishers,  Diamond’s brother Rommy Jones said that she had blocked them but they weren’t too concerned about that.

“I don’t see anything wrong with being blocked by Zari, but what we [are] concerned with is diamond’s happiness. Everything else is not important,” he said. 


Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz, who recently confessed that she’s missing Hamisa Mobetto, said that they’ll keep supporting Diamond and that means posting about Tanasha on social media.

“We cannot intrude into Diamond’s relationships, but we support him. For now he is with Tanasha so we have to show him our support.” she said. 





  1. NAMUGERWA EFRANCE : January 22, 2019 at 10:32 am

    That short man is either a sex machine or a play boy …and I don’t think if that New relationship will last????? let’s watch the space ?????

  2. Total nonsense fuck boy

  3. Marriage is always for good and bad, unless their is violence involved. Diamond has never raped any of his subjects its always consensus. Those who throw themselves to him with a knowledge of him being committed should also accept their part, and accept when you did not achieve the threshold required.

  4. Diamond is a play boy who doesn’t know about that

  5. he has right of his life abouting loving,so there is nothing to be concern if he loves who or leave who??and for zari she has her decision to block so that she maybe happy.

  6. Let them Know that diamond being on that level it’s zari z support not mobetto nor Tanasha cause both of them found diamond when he has reached somewhere and his family it’s not new in laws they behave like that so as a person you have to be on your own, and if they donot support zari or not she the mother of thier children and silent is the best thing ever let her keep quite

  7. Zari is a widow who has many children with different exes.Dating is not easy for such ladies

  8. Laini sweet said it all!stop throwing yourself into this lads life because you very well know ‘choices have got consequences’let them carry their own load and don’t bother wapanbane na hali zao please.mapenzi yaya tena maua!!!

  9. Mschweeeeeew

  10. Zari made her choice okk

  11. Jackson mwamvula : January 22, 2019 at 1:55 pm

    Mimi nashindwa na hawa watoto wakike unaingia kwa mahusiano na mwanaume ambaye unajua records zake what do you expect if you walk bare footed on a thoned ground unalilia wembe utapewa lakini ukipewa hats ukikukata usilie

  12. So alikuwa anapost vitu makusudi Juu anajua zari yuwafollow tena kwani maumwa sio lazima zari awafollow

  13. Zari ended the relationship not diamond. He apologized to her but she did not accept it. So what was Diamond suppose to do, not date someone else, really? Pls no matter what, everyone deserves to be loved and happy.Why did she not block the family since, why now? It means she did not move on. If she wanted Diamond back, she should have accepted his apology. How many men are saints? Well yes he made a mistake, he is not perfect and most times its hard for celebrities not to make mistakes. But he still deserves to be happy and loved,nobody is perfect. You refuse to accept him back and you do not want him to be in another serious relationship. Calling him all sort of names, yet he was quiet. You were pretending cos of social media fans but you still loved him.Now you r blocking the family, y did you not block them during Hamisa’s time with diamond? Because they did not like her but liked you then. So they should not support their own? My advice,keep a good relationship with Diamond because of the kids. You both should be good friends cos of the kids you both brought to this life. The kids matter too.

    • I agree with you jade. Zari left Dee so let Dee move on with whoever he wants.. I support Dee coz whenever he falls in love he loves for real

    • Ua advice is misplaced.zari hasomi hizi vitu. Secondly advice diamond on that kids part coz he doesn’t bother to even visit them kids. me I care about none of them. Just entertainment

      • My advice is not misplaced because the kids are very important. That’s the reason why they should try and keep a good relationship.Dee visits his kids sometimes despite his tight schedule. I agree that he has to work on visiting his kids more often. If Zari can take her kids to Uganda, why can’t she take the kids to Tanzania sometimes? She has never done that.

    • Absolutly true

  14. Correct jade you have said it all baby gal,mature reasoning,zari will be forced to call chibu when tiffah demands to speak to the father.

  15. Who does not know Diamond is a community husband out there to satisfy his masters spirits of lust rituals .but anyway let me be thinned by mine

  16. Gertrude imungu : January 22, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    Man is to error #Zari.Children’s are the gift from God and take good care of them.???kenyans ladies, hawajui samahani hapo ndio diamond atalijua jiji,atajua ahajui..That’s the day and time he’ll come back to you kneeling, pleading and begging

  17. Diamond watafuta nini haswa ???ebu jieleze,ladies stop been desperate of diamond, pesa huisha

  18. Well said. At this level the kids are more important than their differences.


  20. I think we funs of Diamond or media folks should just desist from taking sides…. Let’s laugh out whatever comes out funny and keep breathing… When they start dating no one gets alert

  21. Ladies smtimes….we should not go for men who are younger than our age….coz this boys of 20’s they still want to explore the world.. they are not mature to think of feature….so if you go for that type belive me expect 7 wonders of the world…

  22. Jacklyn mutheu : January 24, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    He is not God I think tThat’s the best to get out of that evil wicked family ? ? i salute you for that diamond my foot there are many men in the world who knows about family not him

  23. please u zari fans just let Dee be. she dumped him and he moved on. we don’t know what goes on behind closed door. after all she is the only one that complain on social media while he remain mute
    so please just let him be. sounds more like she hasn’t moved on at all.

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