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Zari mocks Diamond Platnumz by asking his mum to move out of their Madale ‘guest house’

January 29, 2018 at 09:08
Zari mocks Diamond Platnumz by asking his mum to move out of their Madale 'guest house'

Is Zari finally fed up or is she putting up an act?

Well this past weekend while her hubby was busy having his fun with Tanzanian celebrities; the lady was back home spending time with her children.

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However thanks to a comment she left on her mother in law’s post we now understand that there is trouble in paradise.

Well, Diamond Platnumz mum uploaded a photo posing next to her son’s awards: However Zari was quick to leave a comment telling her to leave the Madale home to Diamond Platnumz.

This is after rumor had it that Diamond Platnumz had turned his family house to a lodgin where his ladies were spending their nights.

Zari reacts to her Madale home rumors

A while back, Diamond Platnumz confessed to having brought Hamisa Mobetto to his ‘matrimonial ‘ bed.

According to him this is how baby Dully came to happen but it seems that Diamond Platnumz was bringing other ladies too.

With pictures making rounds on social media, Zari happened to hear about the rumors and went on to call out Diamond in her posts. Well, since then word has it that they haven’t been in good terms at all!





  1. This family is just cursed or something is amiss

  2. All for fame? its not worth it

  3. Zari is unhappy,why not just leave

  4. Am just speechless

  5. Timothy Wafula : January 29, 2018 at 12:29 pm

    What a time to be alive

  6. Girls are always at the place,its not a home anymore

  7. take it over God

  8. With time you will find him changed. The two just entertain us with theis comedies! money is the problem.

  9. She should stop following him or whatever diamond and mother posts since she said she dumped him.else she will die of stress

  10. am speechless

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