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Zari’s piece of advice to women struggling in meaningless relationships

February 13, 2020 at 14:24
Zari’s piece of advice to women struggling in meaningless relationships

Zari the boss lady has shared a new message hoping to target ladies who continue to struggle in relationships heading no where.

Zari calls out media blog for false reports

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The lady shared the post on her Instagram stories encouraging ladies to do what is best for themselves; and not wait for a man to prove himself when it is clear that his mind is busy elsewhere.

Having struggled with the father of her 2 younger kids, Zari seems to have mastered the art of being an independent woman; and a single mum at the same time. Mama Tiffah posted a screenshot from a book talking about relationships which read;


Diamond and Tanasha’s shaky relationship

This also comes just a few weeks after Diamond Platnumz was said to be cheating on his latest baby mama, Tanasha Donna.

The two have however not addressed the cheating rumors; however Hamisa Mobetto who was said to be back in her baby daddy’s life denied this saying she was not involved with any man!

However, seeing how Diamond Platnumz has been carrying himself throughout the years; fans are now convinced that all is not well!





  1. Zari should know…. There is nothing like perfect relationship… Unless she wants to continue leaving everyman…. But all in all don’t stay in a cheating relationship…

  2. Move on Zari. You are still bitter.

  3. zari is somehow jeolous

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