2023 is the year Kenya takes a stance on LGBTQ

Image: Princess Chimano turning heads

LGBTQ is a topic that has flown under the radar in Kenya for several years now. They have managed to create enclaves in Nairobi and Mombasa, but have been unable to penetrate other cities and towns where most Kenyans are conservative if not Fundamentalist Christians who refused to even engage on the topic.

LGBTQ Or Not, No Kind Of Relationship Is Safe

While this might seem like it was a bad thing it was a rather interesting Returned between members of the clergy, their flock and gay rights activists.

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend, Edwin Chiloba

However this year, 2023, has seen an explosion of our conversation that was hitherto restricted by the Overton window. We are seeing celebrities come out of the closet to leave their truths and there was a grisly murder that members of the LGBTQ have been using to push their agenda. Edwin chiloba was killed by his lover in a love triangle gone bad however gay Rights activist and the American allies are using this to force Kenyans into having a conversation.

I do not see the conversation going as they hope as politicians who have started weighing in on the matter are doing so in a rather populist manner: They are merely parroting talking points that they have heard from the most ignorant of their support base and trust me when I say Kenya’s grassroots are very anti-homosexual.

This however is not a negative thing because finally the conversation about gay Rights is being hard. Bed has finally bubbled into public consciousness and everyone and their mother is discussing whether or not Kenya should embrace liberalism or continue being conservative.

Its sad, but we are right; LGBTQ is not accepted outside Nairobi and Mombasa

In 2023 while I do not expect this topic to be a dominant one for the entire year I do expect it to be a brother dominant one for the first quarter of the Year. Pandora’s box has been opened and just as with that of Greek lore, there’s no way to get back the topic of the lgbtq back inside. The cat’s out of the bag and that conversation must be had.

Makena Njeri

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