Kenya has a mental health crisis

Kenya has a mental health crisis and you don’t have to be a certified psychologist or psychiatrist to see the truth in that statement. Kenyans are suffering in silence and no one really knows what to do until things boil over and we have another murder to report on the news.

Olivia Naseren, woman who st@bbed and @te her daughter arraigned in court

The number of horrific homicides the police are currently investigating seem to increase with each new dawn with the latest being the incident in which a mother k!lled her daughter by st@bbing her 100 times and then proceeded to consume her intestines and part of her other internal organs.

The barbarism and savagery we have been witness can only be explained by a mental health crisis that is not being addressed. And regardless of what the trigger might be; economic hardship or unrequited love, the government needs to find a way of addressing this mess. Kenya is now a literal killing field and we’re just lucky that unlike Americans, guns aren’t readily available to the general public.

Kitengela man who st@bbed girlfriend explains crime

For now the only thing one can probably do is start some sort of buddy system that has you checking up on your friends and loved ones.

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