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The advice Mejja gave is great but it is too old fashioned to work

June 11, 2021 at 10:07
The advice Mejja gave is great but it is too old fashioned to work

Mejja recently gave one of the most interesting interviews of the recent past to SPM Buzz Ke and one of the topics he spoke about was about young men who dress well but really have no substance. I think that qualifies for dating advice for women.

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To recap, he spoke about men who dress well being broke and I believe this is advice based on the old social contract that his old mentors thrived on -all you needed was money and your wife would be yours entirely but these days the dating market has gone international so she has options and wants a complete man.

Mejja Genge

You see, back in the days of our grandfathers and fathers, all a man needed was to make money. It is why you would hear people sing about mbeça. All a man had to do was to provide and he had his pick of any lady.

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I think Mejja has surrounded himself with old mentors who have been trying to teach him their ways. That isn’t a bad thing. It now explains his new outlook on the entertainment industry and showbiz and particularly on his focus on money.


I am also very curious about his disdain for well-dressed youngins and I suspect he must have lost his lady love to one such person because his attacks have become personal. But let us dive into his argument about well dressed men.

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According to Mejja guys who are fashion conscious are broke and all they have to offer is their looks and an empty bank account… Perhaps that is true but that could be said about a vast majority of young Kenyans in shithole Kenya. Our economy is in a recession hence all the retrenchment and Covid only served to make things worse and refusal to accept this truth is actually just ignorance.

And I am at this point reminded of the wise words of Gucci Mane who said,

That is the approach that Kenyan youth have taken. They want to dress the part and I have personally seen my brother have to do this and also been told by my mentors that how you dress can determine how much you get when doing a deal. The unfortunate truth is that image is a major issue. If you turn up for a deal looking shabby, you will get undercut.

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Besides that. Mejja needs to realize that when it comes to dating, the sexual marketplace is no longer confined to your village or town centre. It is not even just a national thing anymore, it is international. What I mean by that is that at the swipe of your screen or by sliding into someone’s DMs, you can get a woman or man based in Norway.

That means that women no longer have to settle for a man who has just one side of the “Looks, Money, Status” trifactor. While Bwana Tumbler is focused on money, there is a man in his woman’s DMs who has two sides of that pyramid covered. And another is one swipe away from her who has all three sides of the pyramid complete.

The new social contract that Mejja seems unawares of calls for men to be the best versions of themselves completely to stand out from the competition. That is how you get to be a top twenty per cent man.

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