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Ali Kiba and alleged pregnant wife back together with full force after ugly break up (Video)

September 10, 2020 at 09:48
Ali Kiba and alleged pregnant wife back together with full force after ugly break up (Video)

Alikiba and his wife Amina Khaleef seem to have reconciled; months after their ugly online break up that left many talking.

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Word making rounds on social media is that the two love birds reunited after much counseling and convincing was done by parents. However Amina on the other hand did not return without setting boundaries and a few demands here and there!

Well, Amina Khaleef is said to be the new manager handling her husband’s music projects and gigs! The lady who is not only book boy street smart will from now on replace Seven Mosha who had been handling Kibe’s work for years!

Pregnant already?

Away from that, fans also believe that Amina could be pregnant with her second child judging from the photos shared on her social media pages.

Judging from how she keeps hiding her belly with her scarf and sitting position; many now believe that Alikiba indeed went back to wife and conquered!

If the rumors are true then this two will be welcoming their second child together early 2021! However, we also can’t forget side chick Diva the boss who is said to have dated Kiba on the low of close to 10 years!

The two however never had any children together and despite everything she had done for the singer; his last words to her was ‘old witch’ which he proudly referred to her before ending their relationship.

Anyway just like the famous saying mtaachana tu, Kiba might have just counted his chicks before they hatch! But also, he seems to have learnt his lesson well and will not be repeating the same mistakes anytime soon.


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