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“Am not the Kenyan girl Alikiba is marrying” Nick Mutuma’s ex Tanasha cries out

March 07, 2018 at 08:14
"Am not the Kenyan girl Alikiba is marrying" Nick Mutuma's ex Tanasha cries out

Alikiba is set to tie the knot with a mystery Kenyan girl. Tanzanian blogs intimate that Nick Mutuma’s ex  Tanasha Donna is the girl Kiba is marrying.

Earlier reports indicated that Alikiba’s sweetheart hails from the Kenyan coast. Which explains the singer’s frequent trips to Mombasa.

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It’s not me!


Tanasha Donna has dismissed reports she is the mystery Kenyan lady Alikiba is marrying. The lass explains that she has worked with Kiba before but asserts that they never dated.

“I would just like to clarify that the rumor that has been going around on numerous Tanzanian IG pages and blogs claiming that Ali Kiba and I are engaged are COMPLETELY FALSE. Kiba and i once worked together on his music video but have NEVER been an item. #falserumors,” wrote Tanasha.





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