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Amber Ray savage comeback after Nick Odhiambo tries to troll her

September 22, 2021 at 12:01
Amber Ray savage comeback after Nick Odhiambo tries to troll her

Just the other day Nick Odhiambo decided troll Amber Ray through his gram; but no one seems to understand what triggered the radio presenter to pick on the popular socialite.

Radio presenter, Nick Odhiambo

However judging from the way he captioned Amber Ray’s photo; it’s obvious to see that Nick Odhiambo wanted people on social media to talk.  And look it worked. So yea, let’s just say it’s another clout chasing move.

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From Nick Odhiambo caption it’s only fair to say he has portrayed Amber Ray more or less of an escort as he wrote;

A rare picture of a socialite in their office/ natural habitat awaiting next assignment

Amber Ray indirect response

Although the two have never been linked together before; couldn’t help but notice how personal Nick Odhiambo was getting – which leaves me wondering… did Amber snub him or something? I mean, guy is bitter!

Having probably come across the post on social media, Amber Ray decided to hit back; but without giving the radio presenter too much airplay.

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As seen on her post, Amber shared a popular video of a certain Swahili man; urging people to mind their business instead of meddling with other people’s lives.

Without pointing fingers in the caption, it’s obvious that Amber was targeting Nick Odhiambo for running his mouth the wrong direction.

Socialite’s ruined image

Well, with the kind of things Amber Ray has been linked to ie Witchcraft, husband snatcher among other things; honestly fans can’t blame him for portraying Amber Ray as an entertainment object.

But again, life’s too short to live according to people expectations, right?


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