Amira involving herself in Edday Nderitu & Samidoh’s marital issues is a bad idea

This is an amazing Friday waking up to good tea…but also an emotional one for many women facing same struggles as Edday Nderitu. However as you already know marriage is not an institution for all hence the many baby daddy and mummies around.

Our own celebrities ie Jimal Rohosafi, Samidoh and their wives have proven that although marriage is sweet….it quickly turns sour as soon as another party (mostly second wives) are involved.

Well having suffered same fate, we recently saw Amira reach out to Edday Nderitu offering friendship and maybe a shoulder to cry on and I want to believe this is because they can relate….but to be honest – this js not a good idea.

Poison on poison

I say this because as much as Amira believes she managed to pull herself out of Jimal’s mess – truth is – she is still healing and may take even years to recover…..because its never easy letting go of pain someone you love put you through.

For this reason having her talk or invite Nderitu for peace of advise will just bring back old memories from back when she went through similar experiences.

And for that reason – this will then erupted into mixed feelings kuchochana and later on – see Nderitu back with her husband Samidoh…..and guess who theyll be discussing at night during pillow talks…..Amira and her problems.

So incase Nderitu needs help – she can get it from marriage counseling since therapist are experts at this. Otherwise….Amira is just digging herself into a hole she will not be able to get out of.

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