Anerlisa Muigai’s tale on mitumba outfits sounds like – Charlene Ruto’s ‘smokie’ story

Image: Anerlisa Muigai´s bossy comeback to fan, excites Kenyans

Anerlisa Muigai recently shared a post talking about how mtumba (second hand) clothes used to excite her back in the day and for a minute she got it right….I mean, almost everyone can relate owning one of their finest outfits from a second hand store right?

Anerlisa Muigai 

However what I also know is that there are very few who believe Anerlisa Muigai has ever owned mtumba clothes in her closet. Wait… wait before you also start saying what if what if allow me to tell you that there is a difference between the thrift clothes you buy at stalls in Nairobi alafu sasa kuna mtumba ile ya kubanana na kuchagua huko Toi market.

So yea chances are that there is no way Anerlisa Muigai understands what Mtumba clothes are….and if she does’ maybe those from second hand stalls in places like Jamia mall or market stalls because those ones we call 1st hand camera.

Keroche heiress

Anyway seeing that her parents have been working big jobs and mingling with the who’s and who’s of Kenya…..tell me how Anerlisa or her siblings would find themselves at places like Gikosh or buying clothes from hawkers….who by the way if not careful pull disappearing acts when the city council officers show up abruptly. I know you can relate.

But again who are we to judge right? Maybe there’s a time she was exposed to that life but seeing how she enjoys designer shoes and clothes….let me just say, watu hapana wajinga buana. Yeye na Charlene Ruto’ same WhatsApp group.

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