Anita Nderu finally explains motive behind viral raunchy cooking video (Screenshots)

Kenyan TV and radio presenter, Anita Nderu found herself at a tight corner after her sexually explicit video on her cooking show raised online uproar.

According to the fashion enthusiast, she decided to feature her friends in the episode and give them a chance to be themselves. Before she loudly admitted she is ´pro LGBTQ´.

However, this was not warmly welcomed by netizens who instead took to her comment section to express utter disappointment and condemn her behavior.

Anita Nderu

She responds

Fortunately, word got to her soon enough, taking it upon herself to address the issue that had since gone viral.

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Starting off:

It’s time to address the nation????

First, she clarified that the cooking oil brand, Fresh Fri, she used in her kitchen during the show, was not in any way a part of her campaign, it just happened to be coincidence.

Anita Nderu´s tweet

Secondly, the Internet sensation clearly articulated that she was not going to be a victim of cyber-bullying whatsoever for expressing her own thoughts.

Anita Nderu´s tweet

Third, Ms Nderu encouraged her Kenyan mass to embrace diversity, encourage authenticity and celebrate our differences instead of always countering views expressed.

Anita Nderu´s tweet

There before, the lass had a serious counter with one of her fans online, who called her out for objectifying the queer community through heterosexuals.

According to the fan, Anita´s actions didn´t paint such a good picture of the new sexuality. To which the petite TV beauty defended:

Anita Nderu comment section

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