“Borrow money from the bank” Anerlisa Muigai responds to netizens blowing up her DM

Anerlisa Muigai wants Kenyans to know she is not a bank, she won’t be giving anyone handouts. The Keroche heiress was responding to netizens who inbox her on Instagram.

Anerlisa reveals that 90% of the DM she receives are job requests while 9% are from people begging her to give them ‘something small’ – money.

“I know most of you ask me why I hardly reply your inboxes and truth be told i hardly go through them and if I happen to go through them, 90% of them are about job opening and the 9% about being given money and 1% are those who genuinely wish me all the best,” wrote Anerlisa Muigai.

No jobs, no money


The Keroche heiress wants Kenyans to stop blowing up her DM. Anerlisa says she won’t be giving anyone money neither will she dish out cash to people.

“It is impossible to employ everyone, I also do not have the capacity to employ anyone as I do not have the right qualifications as the Human resource HR does. About also giving out money, I would advise anyone borrowing money to visit those money lending companies or even the bank. * If there are any job openings I will announce. For now I pray that all those jobless people will get jobs quickly.”



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