Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah are the perfect example of irresponsible parenting

Image: Mulamwah with girlfriend, Sonnie

Former lovers Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah are back in the headlines again. This is due to an interview the former granted Nicholas Kioko which touched on her parenting her daughter, Keilah and whether or not she denies her child’s father and family access to the infant.

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During the interview, she sought to set the record straight by addressing the accusation he has been levying against her of parental alienation and at this point I must take a step back and say that he did 1st start this poisonous discourse but I thought she had shown maturity by ignoring him. Seems I’d jumped that gun.

Carrol Sonnie with daughter, Keilah

Because Carol Sonnie took the first opportunity to talk to a large audience about their drama. She is literally adding crazy fuel to a stupid fire. Mulamwah is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to dealing with emotional topics but this is something that they are both happily participating in.

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And all that comes to mind as I watch this situation continue to play itself out in the pig sty is how unfit they are to be parents. I cannot imagine what their daughter Keilah will be forced to experience when she becomes old enough to see this rubbish. Or when she joins a school and her schoolmates discover that her parents were fighting this brazenly on social media.

I have been consistently asking where the parents of both these two buffoons; Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah are. how can they be perfectly silent as they watch them engage in this nonsensical fight.

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Do they not have friends among celebrities who can pull them aside and try to help them steer clear of the drama? Don’t they have any real friends in their lives who can get them off their phones for an in-person meeting to discuss their issue or are we too believe they are just too ungovernable to try and assist?

And I hope to God that Mulamwah is not a reflection of the type of man out here in the world for my sisters to date. I hope he is an anomaly and most men are responsible and want to be proper fathers. And at the same time, I have to ensure I dodge the minefield that is a dating pool filled with bimbos like Carol Sonnie.

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They are incapable of seeing the bigger picture. They cannot set aside their differences in order to ensure they partner to raise their daughter in the most healthy possible way. They cannot be bothered to contemplate the long-term effects of their mutual harassment of each other will have on her psyche.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

Carol Sonnie and her ex, Mulamwah are incapable of sacrificing their egos for the sake of their daughter so how are we to believe that they were ever prepared to raise the young girl? Maybe they should give her up for adoption so she can get the best chance at being raised to be balanced.

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