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Chebet Ronoh finally seeks help for mental health

March 08, 2023 at 10:49
Chebet Ronoh finally seeks help for mental health

Chebet Rono recently went on a rant calling out celebrities she feels have been stealing her content ideas….and of you remember well – Rono Chebet did not hold back from calling out Catherine Kamau, Elsa Majimbo, Shorn Arwa, and Kamene Goro.

Well, at first it seemed like a harmless rant until she started referring some of these ladies as female dogs not forgetting where got so personal with Nikita Kering – dragging the singer’s brother into a topic he had nothing to do with.

Anyway – seeing that only Majimbo is the only one who decided to clapback – engaging in the bad blood….the likes of Catherine Kamau, Kamene Goro chose to maintain their silence – maybe because they’re older and can see the 22 year old is having mental struggles and instead of engaging – it’s better to turn a blind eye on her insults.

Ronoh eats humble pie

A few days later and we have an apology from Chebet Ronoh who publicly apologized for her actions in a post she wrote:

Apologies to anyone I’ve offended I have received a call that has told me the truth.

Confirming that she has been struggling with mental health, Ronoh added that;

Let me go on a hiatus and heal again I apologize for my behavior.

Well, turns out she wasn’t actually clout chasing as earlier believed but has been having mental struggles that left her acting like a spoilt [email protected]+ on social media. But again, knowledge comes with age and at 22 years – Ronoh has a long way to go.


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