Churchill Show moving to TV 47 has doomed it

Remember back when Churchill show was one of the biggest local televised show in Kenya? For once we had something we all took pride in that is – original content from comedians who delivered jokes we could all relate with….but for some reason we no longer hear anything about the show like we used to.

Okay – we can blame that on growth or maybe cable TV since everybody seems to have moved to the netflix and chill….but again we also blame Daniel Ndambuka for terminating his contract with Nation Media and moving on to TV47….a TV network that is slowly growing with a lot of potential.

Churchill show

Churchill losing audience

However – as much as the TV station is showing potential, there are many who feel that Churchill made a bad move by relocating his show to network that many haven’t yet discovered.

I mean, his audience – (that is from kids to grandparents) always knew what station airs the show and what time….but if you ask them now, most probably dont even know the show still airs.

Well without his old audience – I guess Churchill is now targeting people who watch local TV or rather people from mashinani….but truth is, with how everything is changing…chances are that he either adjusts to the Gen Z style or allows a younger comedian to fill in his shoes because mmmmh, time to catch up is running out.

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