Citizen TV’s Joey Muthengi and her brother Holy Dave step out to defend Kambua

Kambua vexed revelers and viewers over her bad behavior at end year party in Nakuru. Celebrity siblings Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave have since defended Kambua.

Kambua sparked uproar when she decided to act like a drama queen at Vuka Mwaka Party at Afraha Stadium. The Citizen TV presenter ‘bullied’ other hosts and this didn’t augur well with revelers and viewers.

She apologized for her behavior but most people thought she was not sincere. Critics kept on trolling Kambua even after she ate the humble pie.

Double support

Joey Muthengi and her brother Holy Dave have stepped forth to defend Kambua. The celebrity siblings emphasize that Kambua didn’t do anything wrong.

“So much has been said in the last few days but we know you, we know your heart, and we stand by you. That you apologised even when you were not on the wrong is testament to the phenomenal woman you are. We love you Kambua,” Joey Muthengi tweeted.

Kambua and Holy Dave

“We grew up together (Parklands Baptist), joined the Gospel Music Industry together and now we’re hosting Bambika together. ?‍♂️ Your passion and love for uplifting others will go down in history books! Today I appreciate you. Keep shinning K. Much love ?,” wrote Holy Dave on IG.



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