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Diamond is right about men getting married when they are accomplished

March 03, 2023 at 17:10
Diamond is right about men getting married when they are accomplished

Diamond Platnumz has revealed he would not be looking to marry and settle down before he is good and done with his entertainment career. And this is something that has completely irked a lot of East African women who are perhaps waking up to the realisation that any fling they have with Diamond is merely that, a fling.

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But the man is absolutely right. You see, he understands that the things that fuel a man to pursue greatness are very similar to what they have always been since times immemorial. And they are the same things that drove us when we were monkeys to cavemen to warriors attacking the neighbouring tribe.

Sex, power and legacy. It really is just that simple but a lot of virtue signalling weak men would have you believe that men pursue greatness simply to make changes to the universe. But Diamond Platnumz isn’t one of them.

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You see, he has had the opportunity to marry multiple beautiful women, all of whom would have allowed him to have a polygamous union with them. However, Mondi always knew he wanted more. What do I mean when I say more? Well, more women. Sexier women. More money and power (in this case fame) and definitely to be one of the greatest if not the greatest East African and African artist to have graced the continent.

But what would happen if he were to get married? Well, that would mean he’d have to curb a huge aspect of his drive. Why else do you think men at the top of the food chain indulge in a lot of carnal exploits? And to take that away is to handicap them. The same thing goes for Diamond Platnumz. He wants to be the best because he understands what it was like to not be desired by women and at some point he was entirely ignored.

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Legacy? Do you think he is satisfied with his accomplishments? Far from it. Now he wants jets and more businesses. Something he can point to when his moment in the sun is up and claim them as his achievements. And we aren’t just talking about musical accolades and awards that will ring hollow in a couple of decades.

So if he were to marry a woman, he would have to devote some time to her and the family they would be starting. That would essentially hamstring him because I am sure you too can tell Diamond Platnumz is a rolling stone but a rather creative one. So for a man like him, marrying would only make sense once he has ascended to the top of his personal mountains and is content with life -content enough to take his foot off the gas.

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