DJ Bonez Not Being Sure About Marrying Kamene Reveals A Lot

Kamene Goro is ready to settle and get married for the 2nd time after her first failed marriage in 2016. She was just 23 years of age then and had just finished up her law degree.

Her boyfriend, who was at the time residing in another country had asked for her hand in marriage leading her to give up her job in two days’ notice in order to move in with her new husband.

They barely lasted together; partly because Kamene’s parents did not like the guy.

Kamene was actually previously married but she remained childless throughout that first marriage. Back in early 2022, the Kiss 100 presenter shot down the idea of having children, noting that children are expensive, and she does not want to be tied down. “Kids are not in my plan. It is a bit tedious,” she said.

Kamene Goro

Kamene-Bonez Unsure Relationship

Despite her failed marriage, Kamene is now giving it a 2nd shot to try and see if things will work out for her. She claims the two are set to get married this year. But on the other hand, Bonez isn’t sure whether he’s ready to marry Kamene this year. He divulged the same in a recent interview, where he purported that their wedding plans are not yet underway and might take time. While Kamene is very optimistic, Bonez still remains in doubt whether they’re truly getting married. From the latter, we can discern that the relationship isn’t mutual.

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