DNG, Jalang’o and Shaffie Weru have left a void in event MCeeing

Image: Akothee to Ofweneke

Whenever you think of event MCs, whether corporate or otherwise, three names stand out like 3 colossi: DNG, Jalang’o and Shaffie Weru were the names you almost always expected to come across.


The three have since moved on to a new chapter in their careers whether voluntarily or otherwise and their absence is dearly felt because of how good they were at what they did.

Kenyan Hype-master DNG

Two of them left voluntarily to pursue their political ambitions. DNG is now an MCA after successfully competing on a Kenya Kwanza ticket to win the Woodly/ Kenyatta Golf Course seat.


Jalang’o’s battle was less clear cut as he first had to fight the rank and file within the coalition of his choice; Azimio to get the ODM ticket after it was denied to him because he was an untested upstart whose loyalties were in doubt.

Shaffie’s departure wasn’t done voluntarily. He was kicked out of Homeboyz and radio Africa Group where he had worked for over 15 years because the feminists that populated the companies that were customers of his employers were baying for his blood.


Shaffie Weru had made an off-colour joke on the radio about a woman who had been tossed off a balcony after a date gone wrong. She survived but the feminists saw an opportunity to make a statement and they went in for their fill of blood.

Jalang’o looking dapper as he beats the morning cold

His career was ruined and so he had to find his feet in the business. That has subsumed his focus and he has since stopped MCing events.


The three have left a void that is difficult to fill. DR Ofweneke is doing his bit as is Oga Obinna but beyond that, the market is pretty much fair game. And you can tell from the dearth of talent just how tall an order this is.

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