Drama after DJ Mo tries to get back wife who took off with their children (Video)

Image: DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn

Things have gotten messier for the Muraya couple, after Size 8 reborn reportedly left her matrimonial home again with her children, spending nights in a popular city hotel.

As captured on video during their recent outburst, the mother of 2 in the company of a close friend who is a pastor, was talking about the upcoming launch of her hairline, before DJ Mo walked in unannounced.

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An irked Size 8, looking unsettled and annoyed to see her husband on site, shouted: “what is this guy doing here?”

The drama

A calm and embarrassed DJ Mo walked in and took his seat, telling Size 8 it was time they fixed their marital issues once and for all.

Gospel singer Size 8

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“Which marriage?” questioned the gospel artist. This forced a friend and a pastor to intervene, but a charged Size 8 lashed out at the two, angry that her husband had not even attempted to woo her back into a peaceful marriage. He had made zero attempt.

“Hakunibembeleza na haku-apologize. Aliniachanisha akaenda,” screamed the light-skin babe.Explaining why she immediately unfollowed her husband on IG.

NTV gospel show DJ Mo aka Samuel Muraya

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Pained by their marital wrangles, DJ Mo tried to defend himself, annoyed with his wife who went telling the whole world that he cheated, thus creating a bad impression of him.

“I don’t care what people out there are saying or want to think, because right now, there is no Size 8,” declared the Yahweh singer.


Meanwhile, having given up that their marriage could even work, DJ Mo ended by saying; “whatever kakinuka, wacha kanuke!” Watch:


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