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Eric Omondi Is Right About Gospel Musicians

February 07, 2023 at 12:54
Eric Omondi Is Right About Gospel Musicians

Comedian Eric Omondi has once again delivered his harangue to gospel musicians for shying away from their ‘calling’ and venturing into unscrupulous acts that are contradicting gospel.

Through a three-minute-long video, the comedian stated went ahead to mention names of artistes like Daddy Own, Jimmy Gait, DK Kwenye Beat, Bahati, Willy Paul among others from turning away from their calling and moving to do other immoral things.
He specially attacked Willy Paul for hitting on women publicly.

”Lord I pray that you may speak to these Individuals personally. Before the devil attacked the Church in Kenya he attacked the Ministries of these Brothers and Sisters. Lord, these Generals are no more and your army is weak, your soldiers are injured. One by one he Silenced them. Lord Speak to them today!!! You called them once, you can call them again. Armour them lord. Strengthen and Renew them. I speak Restoration and Revival upon their MINISTRIES”

The self-proclaimed president of comedy maintained that the artists have greatly contributed to the downfall of entertainment in the country.

Eric has been on an admonishing spree, advising Kenyan artists to ‘wake up’. Not most people are in agreement with him. In fact, some have already started beefing with him over his sentiments. But the truth remains, our musicians should indeed wake up.



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