Fake Miracles For Money- How Pastors Are Taking Netizens For A Ride

Recently, there has been an eruption of false pastors onto the Christian religious scene claiming to have the ability to perform healing and miracles. From speaking in tongues, miraculous healings, prophetic utterances and charismatic worship, these pastors proved to be a powerful new brand of Christianity. And the ironical thing is, most of them have a massive following.

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Using Religion To Chase Clout

Some popular culprits involved include Victor Kanyari, pastor Ng’ang’a, Reverend Lucy Natasha and now Size 8 has joined the club. Kanyari was busted by media for his scum, soliciting sex from his female church members and coaxing them to testify of fake miracles performed by him. Also, his Mbegu ya 310 and Potassium per manganite for miracles.

Some congregants even claim to have been healed after being impotent. How? In a viral video, one particular pastor is spotted rubbing bodies with a congregant, then claiming he has passed on his ‘nguvu za kiume’ to him miraculously.

On the flipside, pastor Ng’ang’a has trended on several occasions for his strange utterances. He even insults & threatens his congregants on several occasions; and ends up attracting more audience.

Video of Pastor Nga'ng'a facing off with 'possessed' congregant emerges -  The Standard Entertainment
Pastor Nga’ng’a facing off with ‘possessed’ congregant


Further, some pastors have even gone to the extent of healing congregants with the game of football. Watch video here.

It’s just so eccentric and hilarious. The disturbing thing is, people have gathered to listen to the pastor. Did you see the pastor who was ‘ascending to heaven’ while in church? Watch it here

These are among the numerous skits performed by pastors. Yet they milk loads of cash from believers who have been blinded by their fake performances. They are good enough to be branded as clowns. It is essential that churches should have pastors who are morally right and do realistic things.


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