Fans applaud Hamisa Mobetto for teaming up with Ali Kiba against Diamond Platinumz´ wish

Tanzania´s Diamond Platinumz and Ali Kiba had a row that saw citizens split into two with neither side teaming up with the opponent´s but Hamisa now shocks many after merging with Ali Kiba.

The video vixen´s move seemingly suggests the dust between the two is settled after teaming up with King Kiba for a charity project.

´Nifuate Campaign´ is a project initiated by Platinumz´ rival, Ali Kiba and Samatta.

Diamond´s baby mama has been spotted severally in couple of acts of philanthropy and would therefore not be news.

However, fans react tagging her as ´Judas´soon after she puts up her post.

What they don´t seem to understand is how the rival families’ rule has been broken by the Socialite.


Ali Kiba´s fans come out to applaud the beauty for her humbling move.

And now join hands in supporting her and King Kiba in their upcoming campaign:

Yeeeesss! So nice ti see this! Vile nampenda Kiba jamani naomba uwe side yake. 👏🏿👏🏿


Ayeeeees my love…….Mechi inogileeee🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️ Team Kiba ushindi tunaukosaje sasa kwa mfano😃 weeeh🧚🏼‍♂️


🙌🙌🙌 Utakuwa Team kiba 🔥😘😘


Hatar fire


Hamisa kuwa team kiba bass ili tuwafunge vizur😂😂😂😂😂


Na Naomb uwe upande wa kiba 😁😁😁😁

@liyliebeibe team Kiba piga keleleeeeeee🔥💃💃💃💃🔥💃🔥💃
Nilikua nakuchukia Kwa mambo yako Ila saiv nakupenda mno ,,
Yan ukitaka UWE rafik yangu ww mpende Tu @officialalikiba


Mbwana Samatta is a Tanzanian footballer and Ali Kiba´s close ally.

#Nifuate Initiative involves a fund drive then a football match.

All proceeds are then canalized towards supporting needy schools.

Samakiba Foundation targets less fortunate communities.

The set date is 2nd of June 2019 at Tanzania´s national grounds.


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