Frankie Just Gym It Needs Therapy

Image: Fitness coach, Frankie Just Gym It

Frankie Just Gym It needs therapy after the horrendous nature of his break-up with Maureen Waititu and we need to stop acting like anything about it was healthy or that it will not find a way to haunt him well into the future.

Corazon Kwamboka Sets Condition For Moving In With Frankie Just Gym It (screenshot)

And by that, I mean his marriage with Corazon Kwamboka if they do make it to jumping over the broom. We all saw just how toxic a partner Maureen Waititu ended up being. We all saw her try to lie to damage his public image.

Frankie Just Gym It

And before her low integrity feminist friends come out to defend her, I am referring to the doctored screenshots she shared of their WhatsApp conversations that would have otherwise shown Frankie Just Gym It to be a deadbeat… No, that doesn’t do justice to the public image she tried painting for him… She tried to make him out to be a psychopath.

How Frankie Just Gym It’s romantic proposal to Corazon Kwamboka went down (Video)

Frankie Just Gym It really is scarred. This is a woman he had started a family with. And though there were highs and lows, he still did manage to save his public image, the issue is that he is now not being given access to his children -unless of course, Maureen Waititu did not follow through on her threats to Frankie.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

And as the leader of his new home, the head of his household with Corazon Kwamboka, he needs to actually heal. That is the only way he can effectively give his family direction. It is the only way he can also protect his family from any untoward manipulation.

Fans Attacking Frankie Over Corazon Are The Problem

Because let’s face it, his ex did say a lot of nasty things about his current partner. She expressed her disgust at the thought of allowing her children to visit their father who “left them” for a “harlot”.

Ms Waititu

But by far, the worst damage this bullshit causes in men such as Frankie, men who have had to endure psychological manipulation and emotional terrorists is that they stop seeing the value of healthy, functional relationships. Their brain chemistry is ruined. They seek conflict because they understand that the resolution of said conflict gives them a high of dopamine hits. And if you have had to deal with this regularly then it makes you associate the disruption of emotionally volatile relationships.

Kenyan men, if your girlfriend supports Maureen Waititu, dump her immediately!

He might end up trying to recreate the bullshit relationship with Corazon Kwamboka. And were he to do so, then he would have failed at his new marriage. The only person who can truly help him figure out this nonsense is a therapist who can show him that he has an issue and help him work a way to get rid of any toxic thought patterns or behaviours he has learned.

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