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GBV Imbalance- Boys Are Being Neglected

December 20, 2022 at 17:14
GBV Imbalance- Boys Are Being Neglected

The past week has seen some horrendous news of a young boy whose eyes were mercilessly gouged out in a matter of hours in Kisii County. The saddening news left netizens flabbergasted with most questioning the atrocious act.

The baby, identified as Sagini, was found dumped at his family’s banana plantation on Thursday with his face covered with blood after being kidnapped on Wednesday evening.

Alex Maina Ochoki, 26, who is the main suspect, was arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday evening and was held at Marani police station.

At Ikuruma village, shocked residents who are yet to comes to terms with the nature of cannibalism inflicted on their very own say they fear for the lives of their children, locking them up as the Christmas festivities approach.

Suspects in Baby Sagini case to face attempted murder charges - The Standard

Main Suspect in Sagini’s case- Google

No Place For Boychild To Run To

Despite the news, it saddens even more to learn that in Kisii County has no boys rescue center. It’s not the only county with such a problem. And the boychild is now struggling with Gender Based Violence, most of which go un-noticed. The girl-child has overtaken the boychild after being prioritized in such situations; which is of course, unfair. It’s high time the Gov’t balances both and equip each county with a rescue center for both boys and girls.



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