Getting saved? Frasha becomes the latest celeb to quit drinking alcohol

Over the past years, several celebs have quit drinking alcohol and gave their life to Christ. Other simply quit drinking because alcohol was messing their lives.

President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga used to drink up one crate of beer in one sitting every day before she quit drinking altogether. Star editor Oliver Mathenge also quit alcohol after attempting suicide.

Oliver challenged himself to stop drinking alcohol in December 2017. He did not take any alcohol on New Year eve and ultimately started 2018 as a sober man.

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Frasha’s challenge

Just like Oliver Mathenge whose challenged himself to stop drinking liquor for 100 days, Frasha is also on a 40 day sobriety challenge.

The rapper is calling upon other bevvy guzzlers to also join him in the sobriety challenge.


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