“God reconciled our relationship” Size 8 steps in to save cheating husband’s image

I hear marriages are hard to deal with but looking at Size 8 and DJ Mo’s marriage; it actually feels and seems like the opposite of what people tend to say.

Well, probably most marriages would have lasted longer if most women were forgiving as Size 8. About a week ago, DJ Mo was exposed for cheating on his wife by blogger Edgar Obare; a smart move that seems to have saved the Muraya’s struggling marriage.

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Barely a weeks after the exposee and the marriage appears to have been fixed and unlike before; DJ Mo now must have all eyes on his wife and not side chicks. So far so good judging from the post shared by Size 8 where she revealed that God reconciled her relationship with hubby.

Through her Instagram page, Size 8 wrote;

Couple: Size 8 and DJ Mo

God reconciled our relationship to Himself through His son Jesus Christ our saviour and yes our Gods character doesn’t change He is still reconciling relationships through the grace He poured on earth through Jesus Christ!!!! Behold God’s power of reconciliation displayed for the world to see!!! Let the name of God be praised!!
Help me praise the God of reconciliation! Type “GOD BE PRAISED!!!” @djmokenya 7th anniversary #themurayasat7 #Godwins

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Fans warn Size 8

Although many would have prefered Size 8 to dump DJ Mo for the public embarrassment; fans now see worried about the singer’s mental health considering she is also human.

As seen in the comment section, many have gone ahead to arge the lady to seek guidance; and counselling to avoid bottling up feelings which will one day erupt.

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Chances are however that these two are already receiving guidance; but will DJ Mo stop looking around? Let’s watch and see,

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