Harmonize’s new Album “Afro East” might be his pitfall

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For a while now Tanzania’s Harmonize, who now stands alone under the Konde Gang label could be digging his musical grave by the day.

He first came to the limelight in 2015 when he started off with Aiyola song that propelled him to the hearts of the East African market.

He first ditched the Diamond Platinumz owned label Wasafi records for self-independence musically after playing protégé and partner for the past 5 years.
With rumors around his exit Harmonize went on a spree to release music for the better part of 2019 with major collaborations.

However, the collaborations did not become ultimate hits as expected through the remainder of 2019.
Reactions from fans also indicated how Harmonize was better off at Wasafi records. Furthermore, as much as some lauded his move of exit the start off label, Wasafi, Konde Gang have to re-evaluate their model of business. How?

Audience Evaluation?

His latest releases album Äfro East is a collection of various music and so far has garnered over 1.7 views on YouTube. Well, for one you might think that it’s a big deal considering it’s just been 4days since the launch.

I mean this is Harmonize who would have a millions views for a single song in a matter of hours.

Despite his former boss Diamond Platinumz trying to quell the noise of the two beefing over Harmonize’s exit by promoting the album,  he does not stand the publicity he initially had in the past.

Diamond Platnumz should be afraid of Harmonize

So in my opinion Harmonize should take a break and find out what his audience wants first.

He cannot just wake up and go the studio and drop songs with the hope of viewership and sales.

The album launch should not have been a priority as it is. This will only dig his musical grave much further. The numbers do not lie!

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