‘He Was Not Attractive That’s Why I Cheated On Him’- Stivo Simple Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Pritty Vishy

Singer Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has disclosed her reason for cheating on him while they were still together. The content creator separated with Stivo earlier this year, just days after Pritty exposed his management over alleged mistreatment.

Confirming the breakup, Pritty stated the breakup was due to the fact that the household artist listens to what his management says without questioning, even if it is against her.

“Assume one day God blesses us and we get married, what will happen to me? My in-laws will one day visit and ask him to send me away, and he will do it without objection,” she lamented.

She explained that her decision to let go of the three-year-old relationship is meant to help get over all that was going on around them. Pritty, however wished the Kibera based celebrity well as he continues to grind.

Despite spewing all that, Pritty did not value the relationship as such. This was after she made the revelation that she was cheating on Stivo Simple Boy.

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Why I Cheated

Well, to begin with, Pritty has confirmed that she & Simple Boy never got intimate during their time as lovers. This was a probable reason as to why she decided to go ahead & cheat on him. But she hasn’t disclosed it as her reason. During an interview with Mungai Eve, Pritty purported she did not find Stivo to be attractive.

”Let me just say he was never attractive to me, I won’t lie… Si ndio niliwaambia nilikuwa na cheat.”

Pritty explained that she did not force intimacy with Stivo and rubbished his claims that she wanted to have $ex before marriage.

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Watch Pritty’s full interview video below;

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