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“I ended up being angry, bitter and frustrated” Ruth Matete reveals months after husband’s tragic death

October 14, 2020 at 10:54
“I ended up being angry, bitter and frustrated” Ruth Matete reveals months after husband’s tragic death

If there is anything Ruth Matete has learned this year is that you can only trust your mother and God at the same time.

This is after having a bad experience with friends she hoped would have stepped in to help out; after her husband’s tragic gas accident that later on claimed his life.

According to Ruth Matete, everyone she thought was a friend at the time ended up showing their real colors; but either way she has no regrets. In a detailed post shared on her page, Ms Ruth wrote;

Singer Matete

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Ttuth is, when I look back, I realize that I had and still have more people who are for me than those who are against me. People, both those I know and strangers have stood with me. My unborn child and I have not gone a day without food or shelter. It’s just that the enemy will always want us to focus on the bad by magnifying it. But in real sense,the good always outweighs the bad.

The soon to be mum who is currently quite heavy went on to add;

I had this woman of God who really stood with me. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect it. But wueh! She was there. I loved how she would blatantly tell me the truth sometimes. I would call her anytime and she would answer. Pray with me..some days she would just listen while I lamented. Listen, sometimes when one is hurting, you don’t need to say anything. Just listen..that’s all they could be needing at that time. @pstmercymacharia of Harvest Family Church, God bless you for me.

Lesson learnt

With everything that has since happened in her life; Ms Matete remains grateful for the far she has come and the lessons she learnt along the way. Through her Instagram page she went on to add;

Ruth Matete

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Anyway, am here to tell you to learn to trust in God fully. It is human nature to run to our friends and expect them to help us in times of need. But I have learned that it is safer and better to trust in God. The fact is you need help. The problem is you already have figured out a way you want God to help you. Like for instance, I expected God to come through for me through some specific people. But God had other plans. In the end I got more help than I even needed..but because I was fixated on who should help me, I ended up being angry, bitter and frustrated when they didn’t..yet, I received help in the end.

As for those who have experienced the same painful experience this year, Ruth went on to encourage them saying;

I don’t know who this post is meant for, but I thought to share this from my heart. Let’s learn to fully depend on God. You will be amazed at how God will come through for you. Giving you even more than what you asked for.

I have decided to take my rantings and venting to God in prayer. I will use my social media platform to lift, and encourage. I pray that you do the same.

Having said all that, Mama Toluwa is here at @poshpalaceofficial .I know am supposed to be at home resting, but I couldn’t say no to this treat..they said they wanna massage my swollen legs,make my hair and nails😍😍..They are far to kind.
Ni mimi wenyu, Mchungaji Ruth Matete..Ukipenda Mama T ama Madam Big Belle



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