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“I saw a man with a vision!” Reverend Kathy Kiuna reveals why she settled for her darling husband

May 11, 2020 at 12:09
"I saw a man with a vision!" Reverend Kathy Kiuna reveals why she settled for her darling husband

Reverend Kathy Kiuna adores her husband, Allan and thanks to her live session with MC Jessy; we now have a few details concerning the Kiuna’s who have invested quite wisely through their JCC ministry!

Speaking to MC Jessy on a live session that went down on 10th May evening; Kathy Kiuna shared new details about her relationship with the Bishop. Back then when they started dating Kathy says she first said no after the bishop asked her out on a date!

According to Kathy she had no option but to play hard to get despite knowing that she was interested in Allan kiuna. However unlike now, back then the bishop was a struggling from a humble back; but his determination to go far was among the reasons why Kathy fell for him.

Bishop Kiuna

First date

The reverend went on to tell Jessy that after refusing to go for the first date; she was left hoping he would ask her for the second time and he did! However unlike before this time around she agreed to having lunch with him. As revealed by Kathy Kiuna they both went to Utalii hotel which was among the most expensive hotels back in the day.

Since Allan had no money; Kathy was then forced to pay for the first date and till date she has no regrets about it. On the live session, the reverend who is not only a mother but a grandmother to stunning grandchildren went to to advise the young women of today’s generation.

Kathy Kiuna insisted on the importance of couples building each other as that is  the only way to the real success! Women who pray for rich husbands were also encouraged to try building with the ones they have instead of focusing on earthly treasures. The reverend also went on to add that her husband back then was a simple man with nothing…but through his hard work things finally fell into place.

Allan Kiuna and daughter

Malnourished goats

Just as example to show how bad things were; Kathy Kiuna happened to mention that for bride price her husband Allan and his family showed up with Malnourished goats; forcing her dad (Kathy) to swap them with his healthy fat goats to avoid the elders and village people judging their new in laws!

Below is a video showing the live session between Kathy and MC Jessy!


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