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‘I’d Lock Myself In My Room For Hours’ Tedd Josiah Opens Up On Depressive Times After Death Of Lover

July 28, 2021 at 09:57
'I'd Lock Myself In My Room For Hours' Tedd Josiah Opens Up On Depressive Times After Death Of Lover

Ex music producer and entrepreneur Tedd Josiah has come out to speak on the tough times he underwent after the untimely death of his wife Regina way back in 2017. The couple had already welcomed their baby daughter Jay Jay; who was just three months during the demise of her mum.

What Tedd Josiah's wife told him before she died

Tedd Josiah and months old Jay Jay-Google

It hasn’t been easy for Tedd over the years; especially considering that he proceeded to raise their daughter all by himself.

On a long Instagram post, Tedd narrates the extreme challenges he had to endure including not being able to afford diapers for his baby girl.

That’s how i got out of a dark dark moment in my life. Loss and death is tough on any human being; and finding myself in a state of mourning that lead to a very dark depressive time almost threw my life off! I’d lock myself in my room for hours; sometimes from 8am when the nanny walked in to 7pm; when the nanny would leave…

Because I was silent and constantly posting on social media, everyone thought I was doing great. Not knowing that I’d lost my house, auctioneers were at my door. I couldn’t afford my child’s diapers or formula & I was still grieving and slowly loosing my mind because of the pressure of everything…

Raising my daughter & raising a brand provided me a ground to heal…”

Grown Up Jay Jay and Tedd-Instagram

Tedd Continued by advising those who are undergoing depression to speak out;

”If ur not happy with ur life and depressed please talk to someone and find an outlet.
Workout, have new hobbies, remember to goof about and be like a child again…”


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