Is There A Beef Between Milly WaJesus And The Bahatis?

Netizens previously knew the unique relationship that Milly WaJesus and Bahati’s had as they were both crowned Brand Ambassadors of Bonfire Adventures. The couples left most people on social media envious as they exhibited their couple goals. They even swaped spouses for fun! You would often spot them together in social events.

On an Instagram post, Diana Marua stated their amazing friendship.

” Cheers to an Amazing friendship set on building each other. You are a true definition of a power woman. To Many More hangouts and good laughter.”

Diana Marua responds to Kabi & Milly's 'trolls' *HILARIOUS* - YouTube

However, the friendship did not last for long. Last year, the couple stopped inviting each other to events. During the birthday of Bonfire Adventure CEO, Simon Kabu, the Bahati’s did not show up, but WaJesus family did. This started a speculation among their fans as to whether they were still in good terms or not.

The WaJesus Family welcome their baby boy

However, during a true or false Instagram session on Milly WaJesus stories, she revealed that many people have been pressuring her to know what happened between them and the Bahatis.

She finally came clean and settled the rumours going around. Milly explained that even though they might not be spotted together, there is no enemity between them and the Bahatis.

It was tough to handle all the couple goals pressure that these couples were displaying. But I think it’s time for them to re-ignite their friendship and entertain us again. We can’t wait!

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