“It has not been easy” Willy Paul opens up about battle with unknown persons trying to kill his music career

Willy Paul did not have it easy while growing up. Unlike most artists with sponsors able to support their projects; Willy Paul says his hard work and determination is the reason why he has managed to come this far.

However even after making it big in the music industry; the 27 year old singer says that things continue to get harder especially now that his career has opened more doors of opportunity!

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The young singer opened up about these struggles in a new post shared on his IG page. According to the singer, it is indeed a blessing to have had his new song featuring Avril trending for 2 weeks now; despite the many issues he continues face with those trying to kill his career.

Willy Paul’s post

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Through his social media pages, baba Damian wrote;

Morning fam, hope you had a super charged sleep ???? ????.. growing up and becoming who I am today hasn’t been easy. I’ve faced a lot of panda shuka.. (still facing) people trying to pull you down, trying to kill ur career… trying to mess with your confidence!!

Supportive fans

However thanks to his die hard fans, his career remains firm even when he no longer receives the same airplay like before. To him words cannot express how happy he is to have the support he has been receiving from fans all through the many years. He went on to add;

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Dang (sic) it’s sad, but when God’s got you manze.. that’s all… #coco x @theavieway is only 2 weeks and is everyone’s favorite song, still trending btw … just wanna appreciate everyone who’s played part. God bless you and add you more life … keep supporting me. I still need you fam… will always need ur helping hand Manze! Asanteni.

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