It just got ugly! Willy Paul and Shakilla go to battle in a nasty war of words

Image: Willy Paul and Shakilla

Controversial singer Willy Pozze and ratchet 19-year old socialite Shakilla are at it again, this time, embroiled in a nasty war of words online.

So what happened, Shakilla recently mentioned among the 30 men that she had supposedly gone to bed with and on her list was a dear Willy Paul.

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A day later, he clapped back in a cryptic post warning: Be warned haters! It’s about to get ugly!

Popular Kenyan artist Willy Paul

Hardly did netizens see what was about to go down!

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Shakilla and Pozze go to battle

The kid woke up the following morning to call out Shakilla with some unprintable insults online, claiming she was a teenager on paper but 97 years underneath.

Yes, she’s a teenager but what’s underneath is 97yrs ????. Same size as an elephant’s!! Don’t mistake my silence for weakness!” he came out guns blazing.

Willy Paul born Wilson Abubakar Radido

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Shakilla got wind of it soon enough and had Willy Paul’s dish equally served. In a letter specifically addressed to the popular Bwana Mkunaji, she dared: Dear Mr. Mkunaji don’t claim me before I claim you, hukunigwara.” 

Going ahead to offer him a free safari package to the Mara, just to go see for himself and confirm his sentiments, posting: I can book you a safari package to Maasai mara you look for that elephant you saying ????.

Well, a dear Pozze is yet to get the memo but from the look of things, it is about to get hot! Meanwhile, fans cannot hold back their amusement on the comment section as these two light a wild fire.

Shakilla’s comeback comes barely a day after she seemingly addressed Kenyan International football star, Victor Wanyama in a cryptic post stating: “The truth hurts that’s why you won’t stop whining saying it’s a lie. ????I ain’t no one’s mama to comfort you????”

Well, there you have it!

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