Ivy Namu Says She Paused Her Career For Three Years To Take Care Of Her Family

Ivy Namu, partner to media personality Willis Raburu, recently opened up about taking a three-year break from her career to focus on her children’s well-being.

In an interview with a local media outlet, Namu explained that she prioritized being present for her kids during their crucial formative years. She acknowledged the importance her husband played in allowing her to make this choice.

Intentional Parenting with Supportive Partner

Namu emphasized the value of intentional parenting and creating a nurturing environment for her children. “Taking care of young children is a big responsibility,” she said. “My career had to wait while I focused on raising them. It simply wasn’t a priority for the past few years. But now, I feel like I can start getting back into things.”

She expressed gratitude for Raburu’s unwavering support, highlighting his role as a loving husband and father. She admired his graciousness and emphasized the importance of having a supportive partner in parenthood.

“He’s an amazing man, father, and husband,” Namu said. “It’s inspiring to see him with our children.”

Ivy Namu with her son

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From Colleagues to Lovers

Namu and Raburu’s relationship began at Hot 96, where she once appeared on his show “10 Over 10” in November 2019. Their professional connection developed into a deeper bond, and they started dating in 2020, following Raburu’s separation from his ex-wife. In July 2022, their love story took a new turn when Raburu proposed on their son’s first birthday.

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Looking Ahead

Addressing rumors of financial difficulties, Namu clarified that their decision to put their “Wabebe Experience” venture on hold was strategic, not driven by financial limitations.

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