Why Reverend Lucy Natasha is still childless

Image: Reverend Lucy Natasha rocking her Versace robe

Rev. Lucy Natasha recently addressed online rumors about her and her husband not having children despite being married for two years, stating that it’s ultimately in God’s hands. She emphasized that both she and her husband, Prophet Stanley Carmel, have been fervently praying for the blessing of children.

Natasha shared her admiration for the joy of motherhood by witnessing her younger sister’s experience, who is blessed with two children. Expressing her desire for children, she affirmed her belief that God’s timing is paramount in such matters.

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“We are waiting on God,” she explained, expressing her hope for two children, regardless of their gender, as a blessing from God.

Beyond her aspirations for motherhood, Pastor Natasha highlighted her leisure activities, including horse riding, as essential for relaxation and rejuvenation from her ministry duties.

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When discussing her favorite music, Natasha expressed admiration for Guardian Angel, a musician known for his fervor in serving God.

Addressing cultural differences, particularly in the Indian community where women often pay dowry, Natasha revealed that while she hasn’t paid dowry, she and her husband have reached a mutual agreement.

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