Jimal Roho Safi has completely destroyed his baby mama mentally

Jimal Roho Safi is operating on demon time, pure and simple. He has not just claimed the soul of his ex-wife, Amira but now has completely drained his baby mama, Wangari Thiong’o, spiritually and mentally.

Jimal Ready To Add More Babies With New Girlfriend Wangari

He got her while she knew he was still dealing with his situation with his ex-wife and was still hang up on Amber Ray. She knew she was signing for a broken man but she went ahead and tried to baby-trap him.

I said what I said, Jimal Roho Safi hadn’t been with his baby mama for a year by the time she had started showing obvious signs of pregnancy. And even before she had sired his baby, he was already back to simping over Amber.

Risky Move! Wangari Thiong’o Getting Pregnant For Jimal Will Just Bring Her Premium Tears

One has to wonder what she was thinking even as she nursed her newborn baby and Kennedy Rapudo was on social media hinting at a certain truth being revealed in 2 months… That is oddly around the same amount of time it will take for Amber Ray’s baby to be born… What is he trying to tell us?

Wangari Thiongo

And all through this, Jimal has been trying to swoop in to save his ex -a woman who is pregnant by another man… Seemingly. And she has to be silent as she watches this man gallivant with his ex and go to public appearances together.

Jimal Roho Safi takes back the Range Rover he gave Amber Ray

And what can Wangari do? She is stuck. She is now a mother of two by two different men and she carried for Jimal a child without requiring that he marry her. Now she is stuck. Unless she can get a truly flawed and broken man, like Karen Nyamu found in Samidoh.


She knows she stuck with Jimal and she knows she cannot leave his sphere of influence because he affords her a life that she cannot attain on her own. That has defeated her mentally.

And Jimal Roho Safi knows this and delights in it. That is why he is doubling down on the disrespect. As I said, he is operating on demon time and all we can hope for is that Wangari wisens up and either pushes for him to marry her or puts him on child support because when he is done with her (when Amber Ray finally returns home), she will be out in the cold.

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