Jua Cali and Wakadinali need to stop beefing and get into studio

Image: King of Genge, Jua Cali speaks

Over the past few days, Kenyans have witnessed a war of words between Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali and Wakadinali – which is made up of Domani Munga, Sewersydaa and Scar Mkadinali – and from the look of things it’s not stopping anytime soon.

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It all started when Jua Cali put up a post saying that he had tried to reach out to one of Kenya’s legendary singers so that they could do a head to head but he got turned down by that person as he or she was worried that what Kiasi hitmaker was proposing could have a negative impact on their brand.

Is Wakadinali Kenya's most underrated rap group?

Kenyans on Twitter then suggested that Jua Cali should do the head to head with Wakadinali but he dismissed the proposal saying their catalogue didn’t match up to his. As expected, Wakadinali didn’t take kindly to his comments and it has been a war of words since then.

After analyzing the situation, I have decided to share my thoughts on the whole issue. One, although Jua Cali has been in the game for a longer period than Wakadinali, it was wrong for him to dismiss them the way he did. It almost seemed like he was mocking them.

I don’t know but I feel that he could have expressed himself in a better way instead of belittling them because they have acquired a massive following over the years thanks to their unique approach to hip hop.

Jua Cali

I also feel that it was wrong for Wakadinali to poke fun at Jua Cali and Genge in general. I mean, the man started a genre which gave birth to another genre, Gengetone, almost two decades later. That is very rare and he deserves all the respect.

To put an end to all this, Jua Cali and Wakadinali just need to get into studio and give Kenyans a track. It would be interesting to see how their styles blend together on one jam. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

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