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Justina Syokau Is Seeking Unnecessary Attention

January 16, 2023 at 14:28
Justina Syokau Is Seeking Unnecessary Attention

Justina Syokau is out here showing how lavish her life is. To be honest, she’s just chasing clout to become more relevant and popular in showbiz. But her efforts might just not be good enough.

Late last year, Syokau went ahead to make her ‘nyash’ bigger to match that of Vera Sidika. It was in black and white that the surgery didn’t match her looks. In fact, she realized it herself and went for a reverse surgery to revert to her normal physique.

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker recently uploaded a new photo looking absolutely snatched in a tight dress showing off her hand-sculpted curves and a big butt on Instagram sending her fans into a frenzy.

“Finally have achieved my goal nyash, I love my new body,”she wrote

She joined the list of female Kenyan celebs who have modified their physique.

Additionally, Syokau was recently blasted for boasting about her new ride; which she claimed costed millions.

Inside my new car WORTH MILLIONS
It is my season
Watch YouTube video”

This was among her numerous skits to promote her song ‘Twendi Twendi Thili’ which has barely hit half a million views. It’s clear that she’s struggling to be relevant.


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