K Rhyme Classic is Eastland’s latest musical prodigy set to stir the Afro-Bongo scene with a classy release, dubbed Sponsa! (Video)

The strength of purpose and inner willpower in overcoming adversities, makes a beautiful read. There’s an option to quit, and flow along in the waves of life, and, then, there’s effort in determining that flow. That’s gives birth to inspiring stories that help shape life for a million others.

K Rhyme Classic is an immensely gifted Kenyan Afro-Bongo artist.

K Rhyme’s roots are in Siaya County, and is known in official circles as Kevin Otieno. The artist’s burning passion started early in elementary school. In 2011 he moved to Nairobi for high school, but life happens – he dropped out.

The streets of Nairobi – Eastland’s, in particular – is an unrelenting teacher. Eastlands’ has the remarkable knack for producing the region’s top entities in performing arts and entertainment.

K Rhyme Classic is the latest breath of talent from Eastland’s.

In 2016, while still hustling in the furrows of talent, K Rhyme Classic was a regular in street open-mike sessions and rap competitions. Sheer luck and providence had him up against one of the top lyricist and crooner in Tanzania – Top C – he of the ‘Ulola fame’. Top C was floored by the lad’s immense talents on the mic, and he took him under his wing for mentorship, in Tanzania.

After a sojourn in Tanzania, he came back to Nairobi in 2017.

The mentorship worked immensely. K Rhyme Classic dropped a string of popular hits – Siri, Moyo, Ufisadi – all commanding impressive airplay on radio and on the vibrant urban clubbing scene.

K Rhyme Classic is currently fresh on the Afro-Bongo scene with an awesome, funky release – Sponsa – produced by Usanifu Music Africa. This label has also produced other remarkable tracks by the artist, Wi-fi and the pandemic-themed Corona hit.

Sponsa is a danceable track that employs a narrative, easy to sing-along style. The plot covers the perennial ‘sponsor-theme’ as a challenge to modern dating for urban youth. It’ll be a hit as the youthful upheaval against the trend silently brews.

The Sponsa video is K Rhyme Classic’s best-selling angle. It’s entertaining, and very interesting. The director uses little props, and of course striking shots of beautiful models in hot swim wear is a big win. This release will definitely rock in its niche!

Sample the Sponsa video, and tell us what you think:

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