Kamene Goro’s reaction to Andrew Kibe’s termination is surprisingly grounded

Image: Kiss FM´s current trio: Andrew Kibe (left), Kamene Goro (center) and Xtian Dela (right)

Kamene Goro is the last man left standing when it comes to the radio personalities poached from NRG Radio by Kiss 100. The original cast had Xtian Dela and Andrew Kibe aswell but they are no longer with the Waiyaki Way based radio station.

Kamene Goro’s reaction after Kibe’s exit from Kiss FM

Xtian Dela was the first to be shown the door during a retrenchment drive done by the Radio Africa Limited owned radio station earlier this year and Kibe was the latest shown the door.

kamene goro

As you can imagine, this is a tough time for Kamene Goro who has been left alone from when she first set foot in the Kiss100 studio and this will definitely dampen her spirits.

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It also goes to show you just how professional Kamene Goro is because she has managed to keep her energy levels elevated in spite of the termination of her radio partner which probably happened in a manner that blind sighted her.

kamene goro

It also goes to show her as a woman with her priorities in order as she took stock of her life and realities and realized that she arrived in the world on her own and she would doubtless have to deal with her circumstances and responsibilities alone. So she has chosen to soldier on and knowing the Kenyan populace would want to know how she felt, she shared as much as she could without landing herself in trouble with her managers by simply saying

Si poa

And at the end of the day, who knows, she might just end up working with Andrew Kibe again. Perhaps on a podcast or some other level of production. And she has let her bosses know she can be relied upon to maintain sharrap when needed. So they will feel free to reach out to her when the time comes to rebuild the morning segment.

kamene goro

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