Kanyari claiming he could have other kids on the side might explain why Betty Bayo dumped him

Kanyari is looking for a young wife but before he actually bags one – the man of God has been sharing alot about himself probably to help the willing candidates know more about him.

So far i bet you all know he wants a woman who cab sire 4 kids without tiring up and now that kaswende is all over – mmmh nikama soko imechafuka kidogo, pastor itabidi amengoja bale mpya.

Bayo with former husband, Pastor Kanyari

Anyway speaking of his glory days back when women threw themselves at him….Kanyari says he did abit too much that he wouldn’t be surprised to hear he has a child with a fling from his past. Weuh…sema pastor hakutambua back then. Speaking on this Kanyari recently opened up saying;

In my earlier days, I dated many girls and I would request for them to do this home test and confirm their paternity. Most women have children who have not been fathered by their husbands, while husbands have children outside the marriages.

Betty Bayo dramatic breakup

With the new confession i cant help but wonder whether this could be the reason why Betty Bayo broke up with the preacher.

Singer Betty Bayo with kids

From what we know about this two is that mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu which can be explained by the lastborn son conceived by the two months after breakup. Or rather in short – they announced a breakup online and still hooked up on the side – hence baby number 2 with Betty Bayo.

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