Kenyans tease Larry Madowo about his interview with Davido

Larry Madowo finally got the chance to interview the video after a rather humorous failed attempt a couple of years ago while he was still in the employ of Nation Media Group.

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During that interview, the video was aloof, and distracted and he even cut the interview short and walked off the set.

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This is something that irked Larry Madowo who vowed never to interview him again and even went as far as to ban him from being interviewed on NTV.

But all that seems to be water under the bridge after he moved to the international media company CNN and he got the chance to interview Davido once again.

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This time things have gone a lot better as the artist has matured and Larry Madowo is now with a bigger media entity. But his fans on social media refused to let him live it down and what easing him about how this time was different.

All in all it was in good fun as the journalists and artist seem to have struck up chemistry and had a good old time.


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