Kibe agrees with us, Kamene Goro lost the plot

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A couple of weeks back we spoke about Kamene Goro and it would seem Kibe agrees with our take on things, great minds do indeed think alike. But unlike the provocateur, we truly do hope we are wrong in our assessment of her situation.


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Previously, what we had said was, “Kamene Goro is surely regretting the fact that she lost her job at kiss 100 is because she has found out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

The most powerful lesson we learn from Kamene Goro

For those of you not in no it is rumoured that she lost her job because of frequent absenteeism as well as a drop-in rating. She has since denied both allegations but they persist.

It is reported that during her stint on kiss 100, she was earning about 600,000/- and there is no amount to laugh at especially as Kenya is currently going through some crazy, tough economic times. Kamene Goro was doing it big.

DJ Bonez Not Being Sure About Marrying Kamene Reveals A Lot

Yet when it was announced that she was parting company with the radio station, and claimed she was unfazed as she knew she was moving on to a brighter chapter of her life. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Kamene Goro only seems to still have the advertising and endorsement deals she got while she was at KISS 100 which include a cryptocurrency wallet company that is currently embattled. Aside from this, she has only managed to get a few gigs here and there hyping up events at bars and clubs.

Kamene Goro: Next chapter can be exciting

A quick look at her social media pages confirms this to be true and one has to wonder whether she feels like she made the right decision to jeopardize her job for the sake of partying.


Her fiance should have warned her or at least held her accountable and made her see sense. Sad to say that from looking in from the outside what we see at to blindfold with one leading the other and Kamene Goro has suffered for this.”

Andrew Kibe has released a video in which he mocks his former radio partner. That isn’t the way to go because, at the end of the day, this chapter of her life is merely a speed bump on her road. She might just pick herself up and dust herself off which is what we are praying she’ll be able to do.

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