KRG Da Don’s wife is delusional with her insane child support demands

KRG da Don and his estranged wife, Linah are currently embroiled in a bitter divorce as the rapper seeks to repossess the gifts he had showered his wife with and she has finally made her demands for child support known- she wants 350K per month.

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That is a ludicrous amount and I do not know who her lawyers are but she needs to get rid of those clowns because they are leading her astray with her demands simply for the sake of making a sensational demand that garners them publicity and attention at the expense of their clients.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

Just so you understand why I am referring to Linah’s demands as ludicrous, allow me to share with you what she wants as both child and spousal support:
House Rent Ksh 160,000
Groceries: food, fruits and dry grain Ksh 50,000
Milk Ksh 25,000
Clothing Ksh 50,000
Electricity Ksh 30,000
Water Ksh 15,000
Toiletries Ksh 20,000

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I am surprised KRG was not asked to pay Ksh 70,000 for internet (home WiFi) and Ksh 300,000 for vehicle maintenance per month. These demands are clearly obscenely inflated as you can see her water and electricity bills -almost like she is running an industry and water bottling company from her home. It is purely greedy. Linah is cutting the image of an ungrateful and greedy woman and so I must once again ask, what the H.E.double hockey sticks are her lawyers advising her?

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

Now let me get to the briefest section of why only a deluded individual would think these demands can even form the basis of a compromise… In Kenya, the law was recently amended to state that (and rather wisely I must add) that both parents must contribute 50-50 (equitably) to the maintenance of their children. That means that if she believes it will cost her 350K to raise the couple’s children, she must also be willing to kick in 175K.

“Uza K*ma kama sister yako” KRG tells ex wife, Linah

Now, I am sure you’re wondering whether or not I am taking into account the fact she may be a stay at home mother… Fair enough but a man is not a meal ticket. You cannot use your children to ensure you get to live a standard of living you have not earned. Ask Brittany Renner how that has turned out for her. That is why I am defending KRG da Don with common sense -not that I am a fan of his music. Tudus!

I get it, Linah managed to land KRG, she had done everything right up till that point. She managed to get a young, handsome multi-millionaire and he would lavish her with gifts. But that was his hustle whatever it may be that has earned him that level of income and that lifestyle. She is not entitled to it merely because she allowed him to sire children through her. Asking for 250K without taking into account school fees is something that is offputting and I for one am glad that President Uhuru Kenyatta signed the 50-50 bill into law.

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