Losing weight to get healthy: Let’s celebrate Willis Raburu

Image: Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu revealed that he spent 900,000 Kshs in order to get his weight under control, opting for a gastric bypass after his weight had yoyoed over the years due to inconsistent dieting and exercise.

Willis Raburu on why he was forced to undergo gastric bypass surgery

You see, he is a man who ultimately understands that beyond the beauty component of things, there is a greater underlying significance for someone to get their weight under control and that is due to the health implications.

Raburu flaunting new weight loss

You see, being obese isn’t cool nor is it stunning and brave. And Willis Raburu has faced this fact and it isn’t about trying to pretend to be “body positive”, he has to actually be body positive by taking care of his health because we only really do have one body in this life.

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He is a practical man. And he knows what science says about being obese and fat. It will lead to a compromised quality of life. That he might want to go on social media and cry crocodile tears about being “body shamed” when he gets told the truth about needing to lose weight. Hell, you would think that most celebrities would reconsider their girth given the unnamed pandemic of unknown origins that ravaged the world in 2020 and really almost exclusively targeted obese people.

Willis Raburu sheds off 16kgs

Willis Raburu is committed to actually witnessing his children grow up. He wants to be actively involved in their lives, giving them advice and guiding them. He also wants to live out his love life with Ivy Namu to a ripe old age.

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And in order for him to realise this dream, he needs to be healthy. And while there are some online who are scoffing at the fact he chose to have it done surgically, the fact still remains that he recognised a problem and sort to have it addressed.

Willis Raburu embraces the Gengtone look

Now the only thing he needs to do is to stay faithful to his commitment to a better lifestyle. He needs to take up exercising. But all in all, this is something I would commend Willis Raburu for. Hopefully, not just Kenyans will follow his example but also Kenyan celebrities. Especially the one who co-hosts with Obinna who was recently on Instagram crying about being told she looked good having lost weight.

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