Magix Enga Admits Going To Rehab, Agrees Gengetone Artists Abuse Drugs

After apologizing to Arrow Bwoy over beef, Magix Enga has come out clean to claim there’s no bad blood between them. As a matter of fact, Magix says that it was just jealousy that led him to insult Arrow Bwoy; who did not put much of a fight back to the producer.

Beef between Magix Enga and Arrow Bwoy gets out of hand
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Enga Rehabilitated

After going silent for a while, the beat King has opened up about going to rehab after curiosity of consuming excess drugs. He confirmed the rumors that were circulating around about him going to rehab and claimed that it was all true; he took himself there for a few days.

”Nilienda rehab for a couple of days. Wasee wengi wanafaa kuenda rehab juu ni poa kuenda kuangaliwa umetumia drugs kiasi gani juu nimekuwa niki record gengetone.”

Magix Enga also disclosed that influence from artists made him consume more drugs while recording;

”Sio mchezo manze. Nimekuwa niki record wasanii different. Msanii anaingia leo ni wa gospel, kesho mwingine anakuja na bangi… Bangi sai ni herb, kila mtu anatumia. Mwingine anakuja na pombe. So kwa hiyo harakati ya ku record, unajipata umetumia na hukuwa unataka.”

When asked about whether Gengetone artists abuse drugs often, Enga said;

‘Wasee wanawasha. Weed is a herb. Weed hao wasee wanachoma vibaya sana.”

Gengetone music has for a long time been associated with drugs; and Magix Enga confirmed the latter is the truth.

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